Statement of Intention

For the Highest Good

A skilled witch accepts personal responsibility for all his/her decisions, both those made consciously and those made subconsciously. S/he knows that where the mind goes, there also goes ones power. S/he understands the power of intention, and knows how to transform that intention into reality. S/he understands her/his role in the Universe and strives to conduct her/his life in a place of balance, perfect love and perfect trust while partnering with those across the veil to bring balance throughout the Universe.

The intentions of Hecate’s Cauldron are as follows:

We invite our sisters and brothers to take this step with us. Too long have the witches of Mississippi hid in the broom closet. Now is the time to present ourselves with pride and joy. Join us as we work together to banish the discordant implications often associated with witchcraft.

For the highest good, harming none. As we will it, so mote it be.
~Hecate’s Cauldron Staff May 2014